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Having experienced two historically vibrant cultures in my formative years, I was able to dive deep into the context revolving an Indian wedding and designing an appropriate visual aesthetic for it. Each design project is indigenous to the region and culture with influences from relevant technology, changing trends, users and behaviours. Similarly here designing for a wedding involved studying the culture more deeply, understanding the technology in place and arriving at a place which was a healthy mix of modern visual aesthetics and traditionalism. 


Conceptualize, collaborate, and design a wedding invitation and the various relevant products revolving around it for a colorful Indian wedding paying close attention to detail to the cultural symbolism and traditions of the country. 


The concept for the wedding was centered around a very prominent and symbolical flower from India, the Lotus. The couple wanted the vibe of the wedding to feel very modern and elegant but carry with it a part of India as well—therefore the lotus, being the national flower deemed a good fit. Once the theme/concept of the wedding was decided, the entire visual system/aesthetic of the wedding was researched and designed around it. 


The illustrations for the wedding were done by collaborating with an external artist from the UAE. After providing her with a moodboard, she developed a series of watercolor illustrations which formed the basic aesthetic for the entire wedding.


The final result of the wedding was a letterpressed wedding invitation card that was custom offset printed. The cards also were stamped with gold foil to emphasize the name of the bride and groom while the illustrations on the cards themselves had a spot lamination done on them to really highlight their intricacy and beauty. Finally, the two separate leaflets were fit into a custom laser cut pocket in the shape of a lotus.