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Sheryl Sandberg

 office branding

Conceptualize and design a creative solution to bring the core motto of the Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg Foundation to life keeping in mind the aesthetic of the workspace as well as as potential first point of entry.  The purpose of the project should be to highlight the work done by the entire foundation as well as giving importance to it's two main concerns—Lean In and Option B. 


Keeping in mind the idea to highlight the overarching mission of the foundation as well as bringing forward both Lean In and Option B, I conceptualized a branded logo wall that would be first point of entry for employees entering the office. The idea here is to re-inforce the mission of the foundation—how and why we do it best. Being the first point of entry for both employees,  clients as well as potential employees, this mission stands out as a strong and bold statement within the office. 


The process for this workstream began with very basic pencil sketches on how to bring the idea of a foundation representing two very different causes alive. Given that there are teams working on both Lean In as well as Option B under the umbrella of the SGFF brand, I began to explore ways in which the strong and powerful mission statement could come to life. What was important in this process was that the entire wall mimics the look and feel of the foundation but somehow bringing alive the brands of Option B and Lean In as well. 


Working with three different brands, I had to take into consideration the different color and typography standards to abide by. In order to help them feel like a system, I chose one color common to each brand that would work together as a whole. This represents a more unified visual system on the color and typographic front. 


The end result was a fully branded 3-dimensional logo wall with the foundation's mission statement affixed as a vinyl piece. On the whole, the entire design went through a series of iterations with respect to size, color, logo placement and materials. This wall acts as the first point of entry for employees when they walk into the office re-inforcing the mission of the company. 


Another branding opportunity while working with the foundation was to highlight the different priorities of the two individual brands—Lean In and Option B. Given that there is a finite number of people working cross functionally across multiple teams, designing and elevating the brands priorities is a helpful reminder over the course of the half year. The idea here is to templatize a design like this and make it streamlined so it's just a question of swapping it out over the years as the company's priorities evolve. 


When taking into account a complex subject matter such as priorites, I wanted to be sure to being this process by doing some research before diving headfirst into the design aspect. Shown above are three shortlisted visual routes that went into consideration for the poster series. The concept is to very boldly elucidate the priorities for the half so it serves a bright and bold visual break from everything in the immediate surroundings. The second poster focuses on a more infographic style that highlights the hierarchy of priorities within the individual brands. 


The end result here was a striking color blocked poster deriving colors representative of each of the brands that are displayed in the poster. This is a quick and easy reminder not only about the individual priorities but also the visual aesthestics that each brand carries.