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A master’s thesis is a self-directed year-long exploration

of a topic that directly addresses a problem in the world today. The purpose of the thesis is to help identify how graphic design can help solve the problem through extensive research, strategic thinking, and refined design skills. The ability to communicate a complex topic in a simple yet compelling manner demonstrates the depth of the thesis.


Being a feminist feels like second nature to me, and fighting for women’s rights has always played a very important role in my life. Therefore, I chose the topic of my thesis to be “equal pay for equal work.” I focused my project on millennial women, equipping them with a pay negotiation toolkit and other resources to help them feel confident and self-assured.

Today, women receive more college degrees than men but are still earning significantly less in virtually every field. How can we work towards fixing this gender income inequality? 

BridgeIt is a fast growing organization that aims at empowering young millennial women to help them achieve equal pay. The way that our organization functions
is by providing young women with the tools they need in order to bridge the income gap, and help make equal pay an achievable reality in their lives. BridgeIt is also multifaceted and performs a good many functions  that helps solve this problem.