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Creating and designing an interactive solution to house 110 of Lean In's Regional Leaders from all over the world on
a world map for the annual Leaders Conference held in 2018. The purpose is for the women to interact and connect
with one another through an interactive installation and gain a deeper understanding of the global reach of
Lean In's circles.  


Doing a deep dive into the idea of Lean In circles forming bonds and connectivity for women all over the world, I designed and managed production of an interactive map pop up display. The purpose of the map was to help women connect and communicate with one another through a fun ice-breaking activity. The women took polaroids of each other and traced themselves on the map to place it on the display itself. This way, I built out a system that really showcases the scope of Lean In circles from all over the world.


The beginning stages of this workstream included strategizing the best way to about creating an interactive solution that our leaders to interact with. While we wanted to house them on a map, we wanted something more personalized than just their names affixed on a map. After a few different sketches, I landed on the idea of celebrating instant moments through photography. 

The entire map wall buildout measured 7 feet high by 10 feet high and because of the large scale—we needed to test out a printed version to scale to test out the size dimensions as well as the details of the design including the lines, map points, etc. Using multiple tabloid papers, the entire wall was stitched together and temporarily put up to understand scale and dimension.


Working with an exhibition vendor, I managed the production schedule and the proofs of the wall buildout. The final pop-up occupied a large wall adjacent to the entrance of the conference thereby garnering a lot of traffic amongst the participants. The final wall adhered to the brand color and typography standards in order to be part of a larger cohesive visual system.


An interesting takeaway from working on the Leaders Conference and designing this map installation was the social media outreach that it received on multiple platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. We had 100+ leaders attend this conference and many of them took to their official social media handles to post images of them and their co-leaders interacting with the map and taking photos in front of it, which ended up becoming a significant social outreach for this project.