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Well hello hello.

My name is Kavya Sivaraman, and I am a versatile, multidisciplinary designer focused on graphic design, visual communication, typography and user interaction. People describe me as a feminist, sarcastic, and generally loud. I like to think this finds its way into my designs as the bold type.
I consider myself a mission driven designer and I've been fortunate enough to exercise this at places like
SFMOMA & The Sheryl Sandberg Foundation. 

I strive to make everyday problems uplifting, make the world seem a little less scary and demonstrate that design can move things forward for better. If you like what
you saw over here, then feel free to contact me. Meanwhile I'll just sit here patiently waiting and refreshing my page. 

If you're really interested and want to know more about me, then here's a copy of my resumé for you.

Currently, I am working as a designer within the Brand Studio at Dropbox getting to design cool, tech-savvy things. Say hi! 

In my spare time, I also volunteer to teach design and empower underrepresented youth with Inneract Project.